Ahmedabad is a city in the state of Gujarat, has grown into one of the most important modern cities of India. Straddling the Sabarmati River, this prosperous city of six million is a delight for archeologists, anthropologists, architects, historians, sociologists, traders, bargain hunters, and plain tourists. An exciting combination of traditions and modernism, Ahmedabad captures all visitors with its diversity of places, religious and ethnic communities. It is interesting to see how Indian atmosphere mix with the colonial British influence, how Hinduism, the world's oldest existing religion develops in the globalizing world. 

Ahmedabad enjoys a thriving cultural tradition, being the center of Gujarati cultural activities and diverse traditions of different ethnic and religious communities. Popular celebrations and observances include Uttarayan which an annual kite flying day on 14 January. The nine nights of Navratri are celebrated with people performing Garba which the folk dance of Gujarat at venues across the city. The festival of lights Diwali is celebrated with the lighting of lamps in every house, the decorating the floors with the rangoli and the bursting of firecrackers. Ahmedabad has a population of over 5.5 million people. A lot of migrant workers come from other areas of Gujarat including Kutch and Saurashtra and from the other states of Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
Practical HR Training in Ahmedabad

Coming to job opportunities, there are many opportunities available in Ahmedabad but not as much as compared to Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi etc. However, there are opportunities for right skills. The recruiter generally analyze the number of candidates available for open position, but there are very less skilled professional available. So considering the fact, Job opportunities are there for skilled professionals. Research says that Ahmedabad job market is really beyond analysis as on one side companies do have vacancies at several posts but right skilled employees are hard to find in the city. Good skilled people can dictate terms, and unskilled blue collared workers are hunted for, as Ahmedabad is a manufacturing hub. 

Ahmadabad has immense business opportunities in manufacturing and engineering like textile industries machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, water pumps, water treatment plants, electric motors, effluent treatment plants, industrial sheds, constructions machinery, farm machinery, IT equipment assembling, cold chain logistics, solar plants, food processing plants etc. Farm mechanization, construction, Solid waste management, alternate energy and industrial sheds are the sectors on very high growth in Ahmedabad.
HR Training in Ahmedabad
There are a lot of training centers in Ahmedabad to gain knowledge and skills in the field of HR, IT, Digital Marketing, Programing Language etc. These training Institutes provides the best training to the candidates. They are been trained and the Institutes also offer placement services with all  the support  starting from guiding them to  the right job option to having a presentable CV to  helping them in cracking the interview and supporting them in negotiating salary with the employee along with teaching them the required skills and subject knowledge. 
Ahmedabad city has many avenues where they indulge and appreciate the new online learning method. Online training method and module gives a person clarity and exposure on the subject matter they are training. Without saying these structured courses will also make the trainees expert in maintaining efficiency throughout with lowest possible operational cost in an error free method. Also, through such corporate trainings he candidates will then be able to take fit for business decisions and ensure best solutions and work to achieve goals and targets of the company. Corporates are now indulging their employees to take up eLearning or Online trainings and certifications and is the most valuable training method that they use. 

Experts in Ahmedabad says that this is no surprise, given that Online Courses saves businesses at least 50% when they replace traditional instructor-based training with e-Learning. Not to mention that online certifications and courses cuts down instruction time by up to 60% as per survey. When an employee or trainee is able to learn in an interactive and engaging setting, then this leads to improved knowledge and skill set retention. Giving them access to interactive, reality-based scenarios, games, and assessments enables them to digest the information more effectively, which allows them to utilize the data they have learned when they venture into the working environment.

The growing manufacture Industries assure high amount of workers in each segment and the people working in Industry are high in volume hence they need special HR who understand the labor laws and need. Therefore, HR jobs opportunities in Ahmedabad is quite huge. A person with proper knowledge in Human Resource Management, Labor laws will not face any issue while searching for job. Apart from that, there are also many private MNCs who are into IT, Finance, Marketing, Analytics etc. These companies have hundreds of project and business deal which requires a separate team of HR. These companies also creates job opportunities and vacancies for various HR profile. 
HR Training Institute in Ahmedabad
Seven Academy is a business unit of Seven Group of companies one of the Top HR Training Institute in Ahmedabad & Best HR Training Institute in Ahmedabad. Seven Academy is also one of the top HR Training institute in India. Institute is having student base across PAN India. Seven Academy is one of the HR training institute who has introduced the concept of Practical HR training in India. The main approach of Seven Academy is to provide holistic training in the field of Human Resource. Seven Academy is bridging the HR gap for students as well as working professionals.

Seven Academy also offers fundamental HR training courses, HR certification courses for fresher s as well as for working professional. The Institute additionally have dedicated placement cell to do placements of academy students. The academy conducts mock interview with resume preparation. The training programs help participants in building employee s relationship, good communication skills, conflict resolution, recruitment and selection, going through many changes at working environment. The training helps to enhance various skills and helps employees to give quality performance in the organization. They also provide hands on experience on live job portals. Few services provided by Seven Academy: Practical HR Training, HR certification courses, Career Counseling, Corporate Training, Mock Interview, Resume preparation, Soft Skills and HR Communication. 
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