Amritsar, colloquially known as Ambarsar and historically known as Ramdaspur is located in the Punjab state of India. Amritsar is the heart and soul of the Sikhs and the largest spiritual and cultural center of Sikh religion. Alongside, being an important religious attraction, the city also holds historical significance and a proud past. Amritsar is also called the Land of Peace and Patriotism. Golden Temple, also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib is the focal point of Sikh faith. It attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Founded by Guru Ramdas and completed by Guru Arjan Dev, it is one of the holiest places of worship in India. The temple has the holy lake- Amrit Sarovar located in the heart of it. Golden Temple holds its significance for the fact that the first version of 'Guru Granth Sahib', which is regarded as the holiest book of Sikhism was installed here. 

The city lies on the main Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) from Delhi to Amritsar connecting to Lahore in Pakistan. The G. T. Road, built by Sher Shah Suri, runs through the whole of the northern half of the Indian subcontinent, connecting Peshawar, Pakistan to Sonargaon, Bangladesh. Amritsar has an extreme type of climate with very hot summers and chilly winters. The region has four distinct seasons- the winter season (November to March), the summer season (April to June), monsoon season (July to September) and post- monsoon season (September to November). Summers can be as hot as 46 degrees. During winters, temperature may drop down to a minimum of - 3 degrees centigrade. The ideal time to visit Amritsar is between the months of October and March.
Practical HR Training in Amritsar

Job opportunity in Amritsar is comparatively less as compared to the other cities in India. The city is hub for businesses. The city also hosts many good school, colleges and training institutes in the country. However, the availability of jobs are a tough thing as there are not much companies in the city.

The Job opportunities are a bit less in Amritsar especially for freshers. There are a few BPOs and Call Centers to work in but other sec tors do not have much opportunity. The city mainly thrives on businesses as Punjabis are considered to be good business man. It is said that the government is taking initiative to modernize Amritsar in terms of Job opportunity. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best to happen in the city. 
HR Training in Amritsar
The city has a very few places of training opportunities to build skills and gain knowledge. Not much people from outside come here for training and development. People generally opt for other cities while considering training and learnings. However, one person would get all course opportunity to pursue but may not get the best training level as compared to other cities.

The lockdown extension and increase in COVID cases every day in the country has made one thing pretty sure that for next one year gatherings wouldn’t be possible. So, a person can utilize this time wisely. We all know the online courses from reputed institutions are pretty available online and one can easily avail them sitting anywhere in the world. Education experts from Amritsar has advised to use this time for expanding ones horizons and grabbing new perspectives, information and various skills that could help a person become a better person. 
A person sitting in Amritsar can avail any course such a digital marketing, HR basics, HR analytics, Business analytics, Programming languages, Google certifications, coding, Big data, Python, Java, SAP, SAAS, PAAS etc.
HR jobs are less available in the city and it is a big deal to search for the right profile in HR field. The existing companies do recruit HR people but at a very less rate and the salary is also not too high in Amritsar. There are many small HR consultancies which too recruit HRs but the problem is the same. Either one has to adjust with low salary or may have to choose odd job roles. The HR spectrum is wide and has many things in it. Having said that, it is also true that a person with proper knowledge in Human Resource Management will not face any issue while searching for job. Apart from that, there are also many private MNCs who are into IT, Finance etc. which have openings for HR roles.  These companies have many project and business deal which requires a separate team of HR and hence these companies also creates job opportunities and vacancies for various HR profile.
HR Training Institute in Amritsar
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Students from Seven Academy gets placed in renowned companies like Mahindra, Amity University, HDFC Bank, Eureka Forbes, ITM group of Institutions, Thyrocare, MRF, Kissht, AXIS Bank, ICICI Bank and many more.  These possibly could only happen since 7 Academy applies innovative method of practical demonstration in their all courses and gives the best exposure in all the field of Human Resource. 
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