Kolkata, formerly Calcutta is the capital city of West Bengal, and also the former of British India. It is one of India’s largest cities and one of its major ports. It is popularly known as the city of joy. It is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in India in terms of old heritage architecture and monuments. The city has exceled in terms of commerce, transport and manufacture and thus makes Kolkata a dominant urban center of eastern India. The city is mostly dominated by the Bengalis.

The city of joy has become a hotspot for tourists from different corners of the country as well as world. The famous Howrah Bridge and Victoria Memorial and many other monuments have made the city of joy a center of attraction and tourist hub for people. Also, the city has witnessed many Noble Laureates like Rabindranath Tagore, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Mother Teressa, Amartya Sen and many more.
Practical HR Training in Kolkata
Coming to the Job opportunities, Kolkata is a big city where thousands of people flock in the city in search of jobs and opportunities. Kolkata is one of the 10 metropolitan cities of India and it has the most complex job market. The city being the capital of West Bengal has seen its share of good & bad days. But with the passage of time this city has taken a lot of damage both culturally & economically due to the political turmoil of the city and state. To be honest, the political scenario is somewhat to be held responsible which have shattered the states image and has made Kolkata one of the most unreliable places to do business for corporate India. Practical HR Training in Kolkata can get some insights for jobs.

However, we all know that every place has their good and bad side. Having said that, Kolkata has Salt Lake Sector 5 and New town area which is known as the IT hub. Companies like Tata Consultancy Service, Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro, Ericsson, and Genpact are one of those which employs many youth to shape their career in the field of technical as well as non-technical. Apart from that, there are also opportunities for non-technical careers. Surprisingly there are a lot of non-technical jobs in and is mostly about Sales and Business development. No matter what specialization you had in your MBA all you get at Kolkata is sales, which is not bad because sales gives you an empirical idea about the market but what about the people who want to pursue their careers in fields like Operations, Marketing, Human Resources, Analytics, etc. There are also Industrial factories in Howrah which holds major part in the state’s GDP. Maidan area also known as “Office para” (Para means colony in Bengali) has all the government banks, regional head offices and headquarters which becomes most buzzing during office hours. HR Training in Kolkata can increase job opportunities.

There are many training Institutes in Kolkata which provide training opportunities to the people is the various field such as Basic Programming C, C++, Core Java, Advanced Java, RDBMS, Oracle, PHP, Android, HTML5, JavaScript, and others. All these comes under IT. HR Training Courses in Kolkata have good aspects. Also there are training Institutes provides training in the field of HR, Digital Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics etc. They provide hands-on experience and the scope to work on real-time projects to students as these Institutes aspire to provide the best training centers in Kolkata. HR Certification Courses in Kolkata can slao help.

Hence, All these Training Institutes take personal care in listening to your necessities and take that additional effort to aim the training courses as per your needs. The trainers are mostly all experienced professionals and experts in their fields, so they recognize the job demands of the industry better than anybody else does.
HR Training in Kolkata
In recent times, online courses and certification are given much importance due to the current Pandemic and it would continue in future as well. Kolkata has many such Institutes which provides such online training and certifications. We believe that Kolkata is ready to take the online training scenario in India to the very next level.
An online training system reduces many costs that would normally be associated with classroom training, including travel, learning materials, venues etc. Outdated training methods, updating and reproducing learning materials is costly and time-consuming. Online training platforms let you update important text packets and lesson plans quickly and easily, and since they remain online, you can save on printing costs. And during the time of COVID it is anyway suggested to undertake classes and trainings online. Even the Government of India is also putting a lot of effort to support eLearning. And now a days most of the courses which we used to learn in classroom can also be learnt through online methods. HR Generalist Training in Kolkata can be obtained online as well as classroom.

There are many renowned Institutes in Kolkata provides Human Resource training programs online as well as offline. Apart from Certifications, the city has MBA colleges offer HR major programs to study. Such Institutes provide an opportunity to learn from an experience HR professional teachers with different perspectives and the best solutions. Core HR Training in Kolkata hels HR Professional to get into specific domain.

In Kolkata, there are a lot of opportunities for HRs or Human Resource jobs. HR Trainings Academy in kolkata gives top priority to provide quality training and placements after the completion of course and hence getting a HR job is not a problem. Short Term HR Courses in Kolkata majorly job focused training. These courses are Job Oriented and focuses on hand on practical implementation of theory part. With the growing market and with increase in companies every day, it is much obvious that every company or organization need a team of HR which helps in creating job in market. They also sometimes provide internships to students in various companies to get industry exposure and improve learning. HR Training Institute in Kolkata can give idea of different domain training of HR.
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Seven Academy, a Vertical of Seven Group company one of the Top HR Training Institute in Kolkata & Best HR Training Institute in Kolkata  provides expertise in the field of Human Resource training in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane region. Seven Academy also helps in shaping and building budding trainees’ career in HR domain by collaborating with renowned clients and thus sets a benchmark in the space of Human Resource Training Institute in Mumbai as well as Nationwide.

Seven Academy provides services in the field of Practical HR courses, Career counseling, Corporate Training, Soft Skills and HR communication, Resume preparation and mock interviews. Below listed are few Courses they provide in the area of Human Resource-Practical HR Training, Core HR Training , Generalist HR Training, Short term HR Courses, HR Certification Courses, HR Management Courses, Payroll Certification Courses, HR Payroll Certification Courses. Seven Academy known for Best Practical HR Training Institute in Kolkata Top Practical HR Training Institute in Kolkata.