Patna once called Pataliputra the capital of Bihar, is among the world's oldest capital cities with unbroken history of many centuries as imperial metropolis. A very fertile arched stretch of land along the bank of the Ganga. The history and heritage of modern day Patna go back well over two millennia. Like Delhi, Patna too had been the regal seat of governance for successive kingdoms since ancient times. And to this day, it is the capital city of the state. As each ruler ascended in power and established dynastic glory, he gave his capital a new name. Thus, the ancient Kusumpura metamorphosed through Pushpapura, Pataliputra, and Azeemabad and now into Patna, a continuous history ranging from 6th century BC to present times - a record claimed by few cities in the world.

After the decline of the Mughals, the British too found Patna a convenient regional capital and built a modern extension to this ancient city and called it Bankipore. It was in Gandhi Maidan in this area, that Mahatma Gandhi held his prayer meetings. One would love Patna for its famous exquisite rice, Bihar's capital city buzzes with energy. Long a center of the Magadha Kingdom, Patna boasts historic places, great food, and day trips to entertain anyone who visits.
Practical HR Training in Patna
Patna being a Tier 2 city and mostly famous for its historical places and old heritage, is way behind in terms of jobs and job opportunity. If a person is in Public sector then nothing at all will change and has to face the same story every day. However, if you are in Private Sector things might be different. In Patna, the corporate culture is not so great, a person may find politics and sycophancy a lot. Patna has a bad corporate culture with most of the things dependent on Kolkata or Delhi region as Patna doesn’t have any of the influential corporates offices, most of them are in Kolkata or Delhi. Patna will have a small presence of those corporates to deal with the local customers. Bihar being an agriculture dependent state so there is a lack of industrialization in the State as well as the capital Patna, hence there would not be much growth opportunities in Patna.

Coming to Training and development, Patna doesn’t have much avenues to offer to its residents. Education for kids or school goers are good at affordable prices. For higher education it may not be the best place as there is a lack of professional colleges that too is slowly catching up with the growth of IIT Patna, NIT Patna, Chanakya National Law University, AIIMS, IGIMS, PMCH, AMITY University Patna etc. Many private professional and private training and development centers are also growing fast in Patna, which will not let you to feel left behind compared to big cities. One can avail courses in the field of Digital Marketing, HR, Programming language, Data science etc. 
HR Training in Patna
In Patna, it is no surprise, given the less availability of institutes providing T&D, city based Institutes providing Online Courses are very less. One can avail courses online from institutes operational online across country or worldwide. However, through online mode an employee or trainee is able to learn in an interactive and engaging setting, then this leads to improved knowledge and skill set retention. Giving them access to interactive, reality-based scenarios, games, and assessments enables them to digest the information more effectively, which allows them to utilize the data they have learned when they venture into the working environment. Patna has fair amount of places which has online mode of learning and training. Hopefully Patna too shall see these in future.

Human Resource or HR jobs are very scarce in the city. It is a big deal to search for an HR job profile. The very few BPOs and job consultancies in the city who do recruit HR people but at a very less rate and the salary is also negligible. Either one has to adjust with low salary or may have to choose odd job roles. The HR subject is wide and has many things in it. Though a person with proper knowledge in Human Resource Management will not face any issue while searching for job. Apart from that, there are also many industries who are into agricultural product manufacturing have openings for HR roles. The industries require a huge employee and it is the task of an HR to get the right candidate for the industry and somewhat helps in creating job opportunities and vacancies for various HR profile.
HR Training Institute in Patna
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