RESUME is the Key to get an INTERVIEW call and to get a job you need to crack the INTERVIEW

We have design a work shop to help fresher as well as experienced professional working in any field with any level of experience, called MoRe.

MoRe will direct you towards a new career path. Our Industry expert will customize your Resume based on Your Education, Skill sets, Experience etc and conducting Mock Interview with in the work shop participants and finally discussions on resolutions. It is really helpful for the candidates who are about to start their professional career or willing to change the current organization.

Generally our common tendency is to search for a good format of resume from and fit our details within an hour and our resume gets ready to float to employers. Our Expert says this is not the right method. Every body’s resume should be unique like KEY of a Lock. This Module will help you to make your own KEY to open your Dream Lock.

Now a Days Interview Phobia is a big disease mainly for the fresher. Our expert says memorize some standard questions are not the solution to crack the Interview. To crack an interview you need to first practise in the environment of Interview room and correct your common mistakes. This module will provide you the platform to practise interview. Our expert will suggest you customize solution individually.

End of the workshop you will be fully ready with your customized resume to attain REAL Interviews to enter in to your dream jobs.

Our HR Capsule is a combined course of Practical HR Training in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane which also covers MoRe module. MoRe module is also included in Short term Hr Certifications courses in Mumbai & HR Payroll Training Courses in Mumbai. It is equivalent to knowledge level of Human Resource Management Courses in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane. MoRe module helps students to get better Placement after doing HR Training Course.

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