Difference between Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Posted on: May 08 2019, By : Pratyush Srivastava
Difference between Talent Acquisition and Recruiter
Is Talent acquisition and recruitment the same thing? These two words are used interchangeably in the HR world but actually there is a massive difference. Most of the people think that these two terms are synonymous but company who keep an eye on the big picture know that there is an important difference between the two. The point of difference is based majorly on short term and long term. Both of these approaches may be used depending on the circumstances. The functional difference between both of them is that recruitment is a tactical one whereas talent acquisition is more of strategic. Core hr training institutes in Mumbai has differentiated between recruitment and talent acquisition based on certain parameters (HR Training Courses in Mumbai).
Recruitment is the linear process that involves searching for a specific candidate to fill specific position. The core function of recruiting is to find candidates for existing jobs. When we talk about talent acquisition, it is a cyclical process that is more towards building relationships, forecasting future needs and also creating sustainable pool of candidates (payroll certification courses in Navi Mumbai). It is process of nurturing talent pipeline and also it is planned with a long term view.
Talent acquisition works with an objective to identify leaders and find specialists. It is long term resource planning which aims at finding candidates which have the specific skill-set. It is a long term process as well as it takes a longer period to find the right person specially when speaking in terms of a technical field. The approach of the two process is different in every way, when we speak about recruitment, it is comparatively more aggressive in comparison to talent acquisition process which is thoughtful approach. Recruitment is more exhaustive process and it requires a lot of cost (overseas college admission consultant in Mumbai).
If an organization wants faster than normal growth, talent acquisition strategy is the best in order to save time finding best people for the work. In some highly competitive niche market, it is not possible to have a talent acquisition strategy, these markets include medical, legal and financial management. Talent acquisition strategy is closely linked to two factors that are company’s forecast and level of competition for talent in the industry. The choice should also be made on the basis of the most ambitious recruitment objectives that your HR function has. HR plays a major role in the whole process and the success majorly depends on the style of handling of the HR, hence it is necessary to get a proper knowledge of the concept, which can also be gained at core hr training institutes in Navi Mumbai
Employers are going beyond attracting customers to attracting talent by ensuring that your company’s brand is clear and attractive is a main element in talent acquisition. All this includes fostering a positive image about the company and culture of the company. The reason being that the brand with a good reputation attracts more candidates. But, no talent acquisition strategy is complete without using key metrics to conduct proper tracking and analysis. Because, by collecting and analyzing information, company can improve their recruitment process continuously and making better hiring decision (top recruitment consultancy in Mumbai).
So these were some of the points of differences explained by core hr payroll in Mumbai. All the process are integral to the survival and success of the company and the company should decide which strategy to use according to their situation in the market.
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