How to Retain Best Employees in Organisation

Posted on: June 23 2018, By : Prajakta Redkar
Retaining best employee in an organisation
Employees retention is critical to the long-term health and success of your business. In other words, retaining best employees ensures customer satisfaction, product sales and co-ordinating staff, effective succession planning in the organization. Failing to retain an employee leads to the bottom line and creates organizational issues such as insecure co-workers. The loss of a senior employees is even more costly. There are many advantages of retaining the best employees in the organisation.
                 Because of them a huge profit is created to the organisation. For any organization to achieve a good position in the market it is needed to retain that employees. Due to an organisational issue many organisations lose their best employees.HR plays an important role for retaining these employees. For them it is a challenging part in any organisation. HR believes that if the working conditions are flexible for the employees then it motivates employees to a larger extent. For HR to retain employees in the organisation the prime factor is the Salary consent. Every employee looks forward for new opportunities that help them to create their life.
                 An HR is a well-trained professional who has the ability to structure the employee and the processes. An HR can also help to manage the employee benefits, and perks related responsibilities and thus ensure that every employee is treated fairly. An HR comes up with certain trends and laws that help the employee which is to be an effective one. A right HR bring certain changes in the routine work, activities of the employee and also arrange the outings for them. This helps the employees open up about the organization and also stay involved. HR can come up with some training programme and development strategie as a part to develop and retain the employee. If HR does not spend time in helping the employees to achieve their career development.
then it can lead to an exit of a talented employee.
                The HR must try to create a healthy and honest working environment for the employee by giving them a feedback on the work performed by them. HR must arrange for the meeting where social greeting will be exchanged. Employee needs to be encouraged in some or the other way. The HR is responsible for conducting, recommending and implementing employee retention strategies during re-defining the policies. Employee retention efforts may include employee training, internal promotion opportunities, issuing bonus, and improving workplace policies and procedures. Thus, an HR must try level best to motivate the employees, make them feel special in the organization so that they do not look for a change. An HR must launch various incentive schemes for the best performers to motivate them.
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