Leaders are Born or Made

Posted on: June 22 2018, By : Shreya Poojari
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There has been a long time debate as people try to understand if leaders are actually born or they are made. This debate has resulted in different lines of thoughts as some people are of the opinion that leaders are born while others are of the contrary opinion. My position as far as this debate is concerned is that leaders are born and not made. Leaders are born with basic leadership skills and these skills are improved through experience and learning from other leaders. This discussion draws from relevant leadership theories that prove that indeed leaders are born and not made.
Definition of a leader
Various definitions have been advanced about who a leader is. A leader is an individual whose work is to guide others into achieving a common goal. Leaders must also have the drive to push others in situations that are not favorable. He or she motivates all resources at his or her disposal to ensure that a favorable outcome is obtained from unfavorable circumstances.
“Born leadership”
There are a number of scenarios which confirms the assertion that leaders are actually born and not made. One of the evidences is that leaders are noticed when they are still very young. They are first recognized during childhood in schoolyards. There are kids who are always ready to assume command while still in school and leadership skills to them appears to be so effortless. These child-leaders are characterized by a great desire for adventure and thinks very quickly whenever they are on the field. They are always ready to take positions of responsibility such as becoming class monitors. This is clear evidence that leaders are born with leadership traits in them.
“Made leaders”
There is a belief that leaders are made because it is not possible to have a leader born with all the required leadership qualities. I believe that effective leadership is a product of being born with the right leadership attributes. This is due to the fact that leadership is a complex undertaking due to processes and groups involved . Therefore, leading a military unit, an organization or a nation is a very complex task. Leaders can therefore be developed, but there should inborn characteristics that make people to be more suited for leadership positions. 
Leaders are born with leadership traits and training is only meant to improve these leadership skills. This means that in order to make a good leader, a person needs to be born with basic leadership traits. These basic traits are then improved through experience or learning. It is therefore not possible to nurture a great leader from scratch. It means that training should only be used as a tool for improving traits born in would-be leaders. Firstly, the leaders are born with these traits and then these traits are improved further through training and experiences.
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