MBA in HRM Vs Certification Training in HRM

Posted on: July 18 2020, By : Rohan Choudhury
MBA in HRM Vs Certification Training in HRM
The Master of Business Administration or MBA is a post graduate degree pursued by those looking to widen their skills for a business career. Students applying to MBA programs are required to have earned a bachelor's degree, though not necessarily in a business field. Many MBA students have earned their bachelor's degree in an unrelated field. MBA core courses introduce students to business topics, such as operations management, finance, human resources and management, information technology. Additional courses often include organizational management, macroeconomics, marketing management and computer information systems, Digital marketing and Business Analytics. On the other hand, a certification is typically awarded after a student has completed a training course. The training referred to could be as short as a half-hour video or as involved as a multi-course program taking six months or more. Individuals who want to earn certificates specifically in training can find programs through a professional organization. There are also training certificates offered in a wide range of fields discussed above. In this article we shall discuss about the difference between Master of Business Administration or MBA in Human resource management Vs Certification training in Human Resource management.

The words human, resource, and management, respectively, refer to the workforce of an organization, availability, and their proper utilization. Henceforth, Human Resource Management defines as a process of appointing and ripening the employees as per the requirements of the organization. Human Resource Management also includes maintaining the regulation of the workforce, assessing their performances, providing them with perks and compensations, maintaining a healthy relationship with the workforce, by taking care of their health, felicity and safety. MBA in HRM or HR Training in India was commenced as an established discipline and profession in 1913, England, for labour management. And today, it is a much-singled out specialization in management courses. It is one of the most taxing and intensively challenging courses in management studies. It is meant for those wanting to establish a career in imperative human resources. The HR Courses in India enables the students to share and resonate their experiences in a multi-cultured team of learning. It teaches the students the core business skills like leadership, communication, decision making and teamwork. Besides these, the course also prepares the students about the social, cultural and economic facets that affect an employee’s relation with the organization. Hence, people possessing attributes like sterling communication skills, a fine supervision quality, along with having a noteworthy planning facet to themselves, should definitely consider an MBA in HRM.

Today’s human resources field is light years ahead of when HR was predominantly limited to administrative duties. Human resources professionals still perform traditional tasks like employment screening and answering benefits questions, but they are also pivotal inc high-level planning with responsibilities like consulting with top executives to chart strategic direction and shaping key policies. It often makes a world of difference when you can show others just how dedicated you are to your career. In general, to be respected as a human resources professional and to be considered for higher level positions, you must have an HR Certification from Online HR Courses in India or offline. This valuable credential can help distinguish you as an HR expert and professional. For  more information about why HR certification matters to you, there are a number of reasons detailed in the Value of Certification Survey from HR Training Institute in India including: Hiring managers typically consider an applicant’s certification when making hiring decisions, Certified HR professionals may inspire greater trust and confidence from business colleagues than  their non-certified HR co-workers, Some organizations believe hiring HR-certified professionals gives them a competitive advantage, Business leaders may find HR-certified professionals better motivated and knowledgeable than non-certified HR workers, HR professionals report that certified HR professionals can help create a positive impact on their organizations’ financial performance.

There are several reasons why an HR certification or MBA in HRM can matter, both personally and professionally. HR certification/ MBA in HRM both are career-long commitment that can help demonstrate to your peers and your company that you are driven to be a successful human resources manager. HR Credentials: Can help set you apart from those without it, May help increase your professional confidence and satisfaction, May increase earnings potential, Can result in greater respect from your organization, May make you a better candidate for a new job.
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