Performance Management and Appraisal

Posted on: May 29 2020, By : Rohan Choudhury
Performance Management and Appraisal
As the struggle for talent has shoot up in recent times, companies are quickly learning the significance of having the right people in the organization. It is said that a talented skilled workforce is the key factor to run an organization smoothly. It is just not only a factor, it is also the lifeline of an organization. The Process of Performance management mainly give attention to managing and monitoring the employee’s performance against their key performance parameters and goals whereas Performance Appraisal or Performance review is the process of evaluating or reviewing an employee’s past work record and performance in the given project he or she has worked on and how much the person has contributed in achieving the goals of an organization. Several HR Practical Training Institute in India are emphasizing more on Performance Management and Appraisal training since it is the most basic yet important skill that a company HR should have. A good HR can be an asset to the company and help organization in making smart investment in recruiting talents.

Performance appraisals and performance review are a part of the talent management process. In order to build top notch workforce, companies need to focus more on employees benefits and understand their viewpoint and not just on sales and profit. There are many HR Practical Training Institute in India as well as Online HR Training Institute in India where they provide practical exposure in the field of HR management with the help of various modules and Performance Management and Appraisal being the hot topic in the field of HR, it is given more preference over other HR topics. Such Practical HR Training in India also assures best possible training for the HR based on their strong experience, not trial and error.

There are several reasons why the process of appraisal and Performance management has been prevalent over the years. The process benefits both employees and employers.

1.Employees should always feel that they are valued in the organization and are doing good work. A formal appraisal is a great technique to give them honest feedback, motivating them on to work smarter and better.

2.Performance management process helps in driving profitability and achieving organizational goals since the process make the employees feel motivated and empowers them to feel more confident in achieving goals.

3.Performance review and Appraisal practice help take necessary salary actions. Such review also identifies certain training needs for the employees lagging behind. Also, aid the management to take stern decisions like retention or termination of employees or putting them in Performance Improvement Plan.

4.It’s important for team to maintain unity and bond to increase productivity. It is important that managers have good relationships with their team member. The Appraisal thing can help to align priorities and discuss various matters of interest regarding business with the team members through a brainstorming session.

5.An organization need to monitor employee’s performance regularly and should provide quality feedback on their performance and analyze details on how they can improve. These session brings out many skill gaps in employees by which they have clear insight into the areas they need to improve if they wish to excel in their career. According to various online HR Training Institutes in India, employees who receive opportunities for learning and development are more engaged at work, which results in better output.

6.Rewards and Recognition, also known as R&R in corporate helps employees to understand both positive and negative feedback received from the higher level. It boosts the morale of the employees when they earn something by achieving company goals. R&R also motivates the employee who has received not-so-good feedback by giving them new opportunities where they can excel.

An organization can only have a strong and skillful HR team through good training and development. There are many HR Certification Courses in India which can be either through classroom or online. However, amidst this COVID-19 pandemic many HR Practical Training Institute has started giving Online HR Certification Courses in India and any organization can make their budding HR enroll in such courses to make them more aware and knowledgeable about HR practices and do’s and don’ts. Once a year performance review is not enough to really understand how well employees are performing and how satisfied they are. Many companies treat performance management and Appraisal program as a yearly event which is no how it should be. Many HR Practical Training Institute in India claims that companies that focus on continuous performance management and appraisal process have better business results.
To cut a long story short, performance management serves as one of the most important tool for understanding company goals and objectives by implementing them in the workforce. The Appraisal system helps in aligning these objectives with the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in an organization both vertically and horizontally by motivating employees through salary hike, prizes, bonuses or other perks. Such practices if performed frequently can have a positive influence on the job satisfaction and employee loyalty in any organization.
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