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Today online learning, likewise called as e-learning, is another form of teaching. Online learning (also known as e-learning and distance learning) is education or training that takes place over the internet. Over the last few years, online training has surged in popularity. People are generally busier and technology has made massive advances, therefore online learning is becoming a much more attractive option when it comes to personal and professional development. The students don't have to go for their classes physically but just signing on to their system gives them enough motivations to think about. It sounds awesome and that is the reason a large portion of the students who can't select ordinary physical courses pick online school training.
With the help of online training, you can purchase as many courses as you need for your employees, either online or over the phone. The courses are then distributed to the selected employees, who can then learn at their own pace. As long as they have access to the internet, learners can access their training anywhere using a computer, laptop, phone or tablet. Online learning provides fantastic flexibility, among other benefits, and aids in making the task of arranging development opportunities far easier. It also give practical exposure to individual as you can learn and practice simultaneously.
Ideal for Globally Dispersed and Diverse Employees: Virtual learning or preparing programs are recently ideal for workplaces having various branch areas and a worldwide workforce. 
Easy Registration and Payment: Online distant learning can effectively handle a portion of the issues of on location learning. For example, online course registration can be executed and seen without the need to head out long distances to check the same. In addition, registrants can likewise send their registration charges to the class or preparing coordinator by means of a few online payment strategies (Visas, PayPal, and so on).
Easy Translation Facility: Electronic learning offers the facility of making an interpretation of course materials into local dialects for easy understanding by topographically dispersed individuals.
Create Customized Learning Objects: Many instructive establishments and corporate houses are constrained to create customized learning objects to meet their students' demands, paying little mind to their connection to any task, ventures, organization specific information or arrangements.
Can easily Update Course Materials: Mentors, as well as instructors, can at whenever update the class or preparing materials to coordinate the changing needs of students. Such straightforward online modifications likewise help in keeping your courses or projects updated and applicable to your developing business.
Allows to Track Progress & Generate Custom Reports: Ensure that your chosen tool allows you to create custom reports for specific data because this will improve knowledge retention. The reports should offer information related to training completion, the summary of correct responses for a given assessment to identify areas that need to be worked upon, individual summaries by employee or student.
Convenience: Online training is available anytime, anywhere, allowing your employees to arrange when and where they take their training. All they need is access to the internet and they are ready to go. This freedom is also likely to make the training more effective.
Consistency: if you are providing online training to your employees. No matter how many employees you have, online training courses deliver the exact same content to everyone. Online training will never have a bad day of teaching, so you know all your employees will come away with the same quality of knowledge.
Variance: Not all of your employees will be in need of the same training, at the same time. Investing in online training gives you the opportunity and flexibility to specially tailor every employee’s professional development. It also helps staff retention, as employees will be content that you are investing time, money and consideration into their training.
Accuracy: Online courses are up to date. They are constantly being revised, unlike print books, to ensure that every user receives the most accurate information possible.
There are fundamentally two types of online Learning:
Synchronous training
Asynchronous training
Blended Training
Synchronous, means at the same time involves interaction of participants with an instructor via the Web in real time. For example – VCRs or Virtual class rooms that are nothing else but real classrooms online. Participants interact with each other and instructors through instant messaging, chat, audio and video conferencing etc and what’s more all the sessions can be recorded and played back. Its benefits are:
Ability to log or track learning activities.
Continuous monitoring and correction is possible
Possibilities of global connectivity and collaboration opportunities among learners.
Ability to personalize the training for each learner.
Asynchronous, which means not at the same time allows the participants to complete the WBT (Web-based training) at their own pace, without live interaction with the instructor. Basically, it is information that is accessible on a self-help basis, 24/7. The advantage is that this kind of e-Learning offers the learners the information they need whenever they need it. It also has interaction amongst participants through message boards, bulletin boards and discussion forums. These include computer based training modules on CD-Rom, Web based training accessed through intranet (WBTs) or through well written articles and other write ups. Its advantages are:-
Available just in time for instant learning and reference.
Flexibility of access from anywhere at anytime.
Ability to simultaneously reach an unlimited number of employees.
Uniformity of content and one time cost of production.
A new form of learning known as blended learning is emerging. As the name suggests it is an mixture of synchronous and asynchronous learning methods. Using both online training through virtual classrooms and also giving CD’s and study material for self study is now being increasingly preferred over any single type of training. More and more organisations are using the blended technique for a complete training solution.

There are various advantages of investing in online training. Learning and development procedures are continually advancing, as innovation keeps on pushing through new and energizing chances. similarly to make your learning more effective, you can consultant through various avaliable sources. Right now is an ideal opportunity to guarantee that you don't give your business or representatives a chance to miss the mark because of below average advancement openings. Online Training is one approach to guarantee your preparation openings are fulfilling and successful encounters.
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