Posted on: September 24 2019, By : Saket Anand
It is well known that when we are happy we are more likely to work better at our workplace. But it is also the fact that one may not need to be happy to be productive all the time. There are many peoples who work well under pressure. Human Resource Management in Mumbai by Seven Academy will provide you knowledge about how to create a happy workplace.
But as far the study is concerned it is found that the employees who are happy are the ones make the best employees. It is concluded that happiness produces greater productivity and it has ultimate benefits business wise. Every activity involves around the happiness cycle. Several benefits of a positive and happy attitude are:- 
1. Happy workers have better engagements – It is proved by the study that happy workers are highly engaged in their works. The ones who are happy have higher productivity ratings than their disengaged coworkers. If a company makes happier environment around their offices it will help them in increasing their productivity and employees engagement. Hr payroll training with placement in Mumbai by Seven Academy will provide you payroll training and placements in good companies.
2. Happy and positive workers minimize medical costs – An employee full of pressure will have to visit a doctor for their mental or physical illness. But a happy worker is less likely to visit a doctor because they will have a good physical and mental health. Happy workers are less likely to be depressed and stressed. Keeping employees happy will help a company minimize their medical expenses.
3. Happy workers are more likely to be present every day – It is known to everyone that if a work makes you happy you are less likely to avoid it. Hence a happy worker will be present everyday which will increase the productivity of a company. HR Certification Training in Navi Mumbai by Seven Academy will provide you latest industry certificate in HR.
 While the workers who have a lot of pressure will seek leave for mental peace and so on this will delay work at the company.
4. Happy workers are likely to be more efficient – Happy workers are less likely to miss a work and become disengaged. Happy employees do their work better and better every time with fewer mistakes and at a faster rate. When you are happy you can focus well and make important decisions.
5. Happiness benefits workers fiscally – It is well proved via study that happy workers tends to get more pay because they work with more interest and produce good results. Happy workers have better performance assessments. Hr course online in Navi Mumbai by Seven Academy will provide you latest Hr online training.
6. Positivity makes a huge difference in teamwork – Caring about others inspiring each other, not blaming each other and forgiving the mistakes tends to boost the teamwork. This will attract the new employees and will help in creating a happy workplace.
7. Positivity results in better brain working – It is often said that in order to be successful one needs to be happy and positive at first. And if you have a positive thinking it will help you produce good results and also help in better functioning of the brain.
Thus being happy and positive is the key to a successful life and workplace (Hr management courses in Navi Mumbai).
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