Undergraduates becoming the future mentors

Posted on: October 09 2019, By : Nikita Naykodi
The undergraduate students who are training to become teachers have to learn something like presentation, research, Discussion, Expert panel Remarks etc. The human resources training in Navi Mumbai gives the students the academic knowledge that is needed.
SAC [Structured Academic Controversy] it is a pedagogical approach designed to help students navigate controversial issues in a collaborative way. The SAC research looks like this to us.
Presentation:-The presentation should be prepared by students and it should not last for more than 10 minutes after that there should be 15 minutes question and answer session where the audience are the real teachers, parents, and other students after the presentation is finished and how the student has performed and his ability to answer the questions ask by the people shows if he or she will able to teach or not.
Research:-The research should be done by the group of students they should collect in depth information of their specific topic and the information they cater should be mix and make the presentation by everyone they should contribute their best. The training center also gives hr certification in Mumbai for the courses that are taken by students.
Discussion:-The overall discussion should be made before presentation and after research the   discussion is the second most important part of the presentation where every member of the group is part of the discussion and can share their views on it. There are the institute that offers the hr management course in Navi Mumbai after high school.
Expert panel Remarks: - They have an appreciation of how learning typically proceeds in a subject and of the kinds of misunderstandings learners commonly develop. Teachers know their students well: their individual interests, backgrounds, motivations and learning styles. Schools should insist on the mastery of foundational skills, such as reading and numeracy, and also work to encourage high levels of critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and teamwork.
Creativity:-The best the team can go is with creativity the more they are creative in their work the more their uniqueness is seen the best they can do should be done by them in this way the work is made simple .Short term courses in Mumbai are also available if there are the people who can’t go for full time course.
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